We are still in Biospain! Come see us at the MASID-DEEPLABS booth at positions 2-3-4-11-12-13 in Hall 1. Let’s discuss how we can further strengthen the life sciences ecosystem! Lots happening at #deeplabs!

KDPOF presentation of automotive industry at MASID

Last week, our team with Mayra Yanet H. has been invited to a very interesting “Coffee & Talk” meetup by MASID- MADRID SCIENCE INNOVATION DISTRICT. It has been a great pleasure to present and discuss the future of automotive with electric and autonomous cars. In addition, we talked about rate employability in this sector and […]

Today’s guest on «Coffee & Talks» is KDPOF

It has been a success and super interesting, they have told us about the trends in automotive, the solutions that can be applied to common problems such as traffic in big cities and the job opportunities that are generated from these problems/solutions in the area. In addition, we were able to see what the chips […]


En la localidad madrileña de Tres Cantos se ha desarrollado recientemente MASID, un nuevo campus empresarial que cuenta con más de 60.000 metros cuadrados, apenas 4.500 disponibles a fecha de septiembre. El proyecto cuenta con una inversión total que asciende a más de 200.000 millones de euros. El innovador hub tecnológico, impulsado por el fondo Stoneshield, liderado por Juan Pepa y […]

Pipetting practice to prepare a PCR with Eyown

Yesterday we had our first Coffee & Talks session, that day we met each of the MASID companies and introduced ourselves in order to get to know each other and to create opportunities for collaboration between the companies. Our guest was Eyown, a leading company focused on laboratory automation. They gave us a presentation and […]

Masid Christmas

Yesterday we celebrated the beginning of Christmas at MASID! We gathered all the companies on campus to thank them again for the great welcome we have had in the hub in our first MASID Christmas and we took the opportunity to see everyone and celebrate together the beginning of Christmas.  Here are some pictures of […]

Breakfast students’ University of Navarra

Today students from the University of Navarra came to MASID to see our project and our facilities.  Being Life&Science students, they were very happy to see our campus and learn more about the companies in the sector that are located in MASID. We leave you some pictures where you can see the visit to MASID! […]

Masid in The District

We are delighted to have been able to be these days in the great fair «The District» in Barcelona, a great initiative to bring together all the most relevant «players» of the sector.

Foodtruck in Masid

Today at MaSID we held a summer break party with all our business park tenants. We are delighted with the excellent response and atmosphere that we are creating at MaSID. We really enjoyed talking to everyone and welcoming in the summer,and made the most of the space of our business park by bringing in a […]